Jonathan Jeter

Web Guy

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I’m a Web guy who has worked in engineering, sales, and marketing to design, build, and market websites for large and small companies. I have worked as a front-end developer, specializing in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, php and WordPress development. I currently work in marketing, managing the strategy and development of, in addition to our corporate marketing websites and our customer portal available to over 400,000 clients. My group is responsible for increasing revenue on B2C properties, while increasing lead generation on B2B sites. As the resident WordPress evangelist within our company, I have convinced executives and managers in marketing and IT to migrate our corporate marketing websites to WordPress and have been a proponent of a partnership with Automattic for client websites.


Dex Media, Dallas TX
2013 – present

UI Manager (2013 to present)

  • Directed development of reviews plugin for WordPress.
  • Worked with Marketing, Investor Relations, and Legal departments of two companies throughout the merger process to create a new corporate website (using WordPress) that launched within minutes of the press release announcing the new company.
  • Currently involved in the migration of various corporate websites from Drupal and Joomla! to WordPress.
  • Currently managing projects designed to increase lead generation on B2B websites by using multi-variate testing, as well as analytics and user testing to improve conversions and user experience.
  • Serving as WordPress subject matter expert.
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SuperMedia, Dallas TX
2009 – 2013

UI Manager (2010 to 2013)

  • Responsible for front-end UI elements of SuperMedia marketing web properties.
  • Worked to troubleshoot and resolve issues on, and other SuperMedia-owned properties in a timely and accurate way.
  • Documented workflows, processes, integration points, and common issues on updates to SuperMedia web platforms to allow for future maintenance.
  • Effectively collaborated with UX, design, and product managers to create HTML5 version of mobile site.
  • Worked with IT to optimize front-end code on to improve download speed and response times.
  • Managed the project and implemented the platform for the conversion of the SuperMedia blog from a custom, internal platform to WordPress.
  • Worked with SEO team to implement strategies to improve traffic on

Front-End Web Development Team Lead (2009 to 2010)

  • Responsible for front-end UI elements of web site redesign on home page and other content areas.
  • Worked with larger team to coordinate implementation of updated w3c-compliant HTML/CSS.
  • Used jQuery to implement unobtrusive JavaScript solution for Omniture tracking.
  • Created sitemap, wireframes, and requirements document for implementation by development team.
  • Technical lead for entire UI and front-end functionality for B2C site launched to create user-generated content on vertical web sites for SEO purposes.
  • Managed development tasks using basecamp and SCRUM process for initial launch of AskLearnHire web site, as well as 20 additional vertical site launches.
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ARKÉO, Inc., Fort Worth TX
2000 – 2009

Web Development Team Lead (2005-2009)

  • Oversaw all web development and online marketing operations for web development company specializing in web presence strategies for local corporations, including Fortune 500 clients.
  • Technical lead on marketing web site for healthcare company for new product launch. Worked with marketing manager, project manager, ad agency designer, and online marketing specialist, and 3D animator. Created CSS-only rollover glossary definitions, pulling data from static files using ASP Classic. Created custom flash video player to show flv files of 3D animations, adding narration and closed-captioning. Developed interactive flash animation. Worked with back-end developer to create “doctor locator” functionality to show local providers by proximity to a zip code or by state and city.
  • Worked with marketing managers to create concepts and used images provided by graphic designer to create several internal marketing cartoon presentations for product launches and sales incentives.
  • Worked with agency and marketing manager to create a marketing/training program for doctors to use our client’s new product. Created an interactive Flash application to help selected physicians estimate potential profits from using our customer’s product. Worked with client’s IT department to integrate site, including several Flash applications and animation into TIBCO portal application.
  • Served as technical lead with client’s marketing managers and their various vendors, including specialists in website copy, website designer, search engine optimization, database management, email marketing, online coupons, and order fulfillment to create new marketing sites and site updates for search engine positioning, marketing campaigns and increased functionality. Created cross-browser, functional website front-end, including drop-down menus, css style changer, and print style sheets and worked with back-end developers to deliver finished product.
  • Developed custom flash video players to match site design and play flv files by progressive download or streaming via Flash Media Server.
  • Recoded sites, removing non-standard code and using cross-browser CSS and JavaScript to create W3C compliant web sites. Made code changes to improve search engine visibility.

Front-End Web Developer (2000-2009)

  • Responsible for developing HTML, CSS and JavaScript functionality working with graphic designers, copy editors and back-end developers to create web sites. Responsible for cross-browser layout and functionality testing.
  • Created CSS guidelines and training materials for development team. Cross-trained graphic designer and back-end developer on CSS and HTML coding practices.
  • Carried out browser compatibility testing for web site deliverables. Responsible for troubleshooting and fixing browser compatibility issues.
  • Worked with client’s marketing team and members of our web team to create B2C marketing sites.
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2001 – Present

  • Work with small business clients to determine their web site needs and develop solutions to help them improve their online image and increase visibility.
  • Working with client’s designer, created new marketing web site layout from PSD, using cross-browser HTML and CSS. Implemented client’s design for marketing blog, using Movable Type. The site has since been converted to WordPress.
  • Donated content management system solution, hosting, and technical support to charitable organization, using Joomla!, but the site is in the process of being converted to WordPress.
  • Created and hosted blogs, using WordPress, for various individuals and small businesses.
  • Updated Interspire Website Publisher CMS, using PHP and MySQL, that was already in use by a client in the healthcare industry. The site has since been converted to WordPress.
  • Design and develop e-commerce solutions to sell products and services via company websites.
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CSS, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, WordPress development, Website management, web property management, WordPress managment, WordPress theme development, W3C compliant code, Web Site Management, AGILE, SCRUM, Team Leader, css3, HTML5, PHP, e-commerce, SEO, Adobe Omniture Tracking Implementation, Omniture Test & Target, Optimizely, user testing, surveys, A/B Testing, MVT, Google Analytics, WordPress, Google Webmaster Tools, Cross-browser web development, subversion, git, content marketing, corporate blog management, lead generation

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Southwestern A/G University, Waxahachie TX

  • BA in Cross-Cultural Studies
  • BA in Secondary Education with specialization in English and Spanish
  • AA in Communications with specialization in Spanish Language
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Regis University, Denver CO

  • Finished coursework for MS in Computer Information Technology with specialization in e-commerce and Management of Technology
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  • English (native)
  • Spanish (fluent)
  • French (conversational)
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available upon request.

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  • I grew up in Madrid, Spain and lived there until I was 15 years old.
  • My first computer was a Tandy TRS-80 (with 10-inch floppies).
  • I have driven my current car for 17 years and almost 255,000 miles.
  • I was a high school Spanish teacher for 5 years.
  • I know where to get the best BBQ in Dallas, TX.
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